Staffing Code Of Conduct

Dunsborough Primary has a terrific staff of committed and passionate teachers, aides, administrators  and other support personnel. Each staff member brings with them a wealth of experience and understandings in the education and social development of young people and goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide valuable learning opportunities for Dunsborough children. The following Staff Code of Conduct was drawn up in consultation with our staff, students and their parents and the wider community. Staff exceed these high standards and are held in high regard in Dunsborough.

To support this value teachers at Dunsborough Primary are committed to

  • Respecting and valuing the opinions and professional expertise of other staff. (No put downs)
  • Recognising and acting with sensitivity and empathy towards others on staff
  • Modelling respect for students by always greeting them by name and acknowledging their greetings.
  • Modelling qualities of empathy, patience, compassion and sense of fair play in all interactions with students both in and out of the classroom.
  • Modelling good manners when giving instructions to students eg saying please when you want students to do something and thank you when they do it.
  • Displaying basic courtesies when communicating with parents on a regular basis. e.g. respect cultural differences, religious and custody issues etc.
  • Supporting the decision-making processes of the school.
  • Contributing to the establishment of a cooperative, collaborative team environment.

To support this value teachers at Dunsborough Primary are committed to

  • Demonstrating an awareness of current emphases in teaching and learning by participating in, and contributing to, professional discussions among staff.
  • “upskilling” and improving their performance through PD and PM agreements.
  • Promoting and contributing to the development of a school learning community by engaging in school based research on teaching and learning.
  • Sharing their expertise, learned skills and knowledge with colleagues.

To support this value teachers at Dunsborough Primary are committed to

  • Dressing in accordance with the Department of Education & Training’s Dress Code.
  • Demonstrating trust and respect for other staff members by supporting school disciplinary measures, school policy etc.
  • Fostering a positive working environment.
  • Focusing on developing positive interactions amongst staff.
  • Taking time out and aiming for a balance between self, work and family.
  • Reflecting critically on professional experiences in order to enhance professional effectiveness.
  • Establishing a “critical friend” relationship with other staff to ensure access to regular constructive feedback.

To support this value teachers at Dunsborough are committed to

  • Developing teaching & learning programmes that give children the opportunity to be involved in an activity which has a positive effect on the environment. Eg Ribbons of Blue, Clean up Australia, Waterwise.
  • Modelling the 3 R’s - Reduce, reuse recycle.
  • Maintaining a clean / hygienic classroom and surroundings.

To support this value teachers at Dunsborough are committed to:

  • Demonstrating socially acceptable behaviour.
  • Looking for opportunities to incorporating an aspect of community life into your teaching & learning programme eg seniors lunch, fundraising for a cause, letters to the editor, debating, guest speakers etc
  • Incorporating some exploration of civics – levels of government, class meetings, voting systems, role of volunteers in our community into each year level’s curriculum.


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Dunsborough Primary School

Dunsborough Primary School is an Independent Public School located in one of Western Australia’s premier holiday locations, 240 km south of Perth. Dunsborough Primary School has an experienced staff who are committed to achieving the school’s vision and providing a high standard of education for all students.

Primary Class Times

Kindy 8.40 am – 2:55 pm
Primary & Pre Primary
School Commences 8.55 am
Morning Session 8:55  – 11:05 am
RECESS 11.05 – 11:25 am (20 mins)
Mid Session 11:25 am – 12:55 pm
LUNCH 12.55 - 1.40 pm (45 mins)
PP Afternoon 1:40 pm – 3:00 pm
Primary Afternoon 1:40 pm – 3:10 pm