Dunsborough Primary School have taken our Seed for School Program and added it into their own wonderful Garden Guru & Sustainability Program. Helena Nicholson - Sustainability Leader and School Media Officer said that the children are enjoying learning where their food comes from as well as sustainability practices.
Thank you for the wonderful parcel of seed potatoes and information on growing them that we received for our school. We are a sustainable school of 700 students in the Southwest of WA.

Our Garden Guru gardening & sustainable program runs every Thursday and teaches all the children about gardening, composting, chook keeping, worm farming & sustainability practices. We learn science but in the vegetable garden in a fun way.

The potatoes have been planted and cared for by our year 4 students. Every week we can see the rapid growth and the students have enjoyed digging up our school made compost to layer around the shoots. They have been fertilised, four layers of compost added and are now up to the top of the grow bags. The last two years we have grown our potatoes in the garden beds but we have found the Mole Crickets love them too so we decided to try growing them in grow bags instead. Although we drilled good drainage holes in the buckets they are growing better in the bags.

The year 6 students are now studying soil types, shelter, water & fertiliser so we can use the potatoes as examples of these principles.

We look forward to trying a delicious recipe with them in our healthy canteen when they are harvested.

Dunsborough Primary Garden Guru
Glenda Johnston

On Friday 22nd March we celebrated National Ride to School Day.  164 Students rode to school and 128 more chose to actively transport to school via scooting, skating or walking.

When we all arrived at school, we were treated to a delicious healthy snack from our P & C.

Air quality and active transport is an important part of our School Sustainability Initiatives.

We hope students make the choice to actively transport more often!  With less cars on the road we keep our air cleaner and our roads safer.



This beautifully sculptured Woven Rope Basket and Floor Rug entitled "Ropeable" featured at the Dunsborough Arts Festival "Sculptures by The Bay" Exhibition.  The Artists, parents of DPS students, Corrynne, Tracy, Helena and Mirabei received a $250 Happs Winery Have a Go Award.  

The pieces were inspired by Marine Debris Art made at the School "Bay OK Day" in 2012.  They are made of rope and other flotsam found on local beaches.

The ladies were delighted to win the award and equally delighted when the piece was purchased for $1200 by a generous local family.  The funds are being donated to the School Sustainability Fund.

We are an accredited WaterWise school and we recycle some water for toilets.

All classes have Water conservation lessons especially during Water Week.


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Kindy 2020 Enrolments now open

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