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Welcome to the Dunsborough Primary School Web Site. Here you will find information about the school, reports and pictures of the great things happening as well as outstanding examples of the work our students create with the help of their dedicated and talented teachers. Dunsborough Primary School enjoys one of the most picturesque locations of any primary school in the State. Situated in the old part of Dunsborough, approx. 250 km from Perth, the school is built on a 4ha elevated site adjacent to a golf course, overlooking Geographe Bay.


The school grounds are aesthetically pleasing with natural bush borders on the southern and eastern boundaries and extensive lawn and play areas. A significant feature of the grounds is the number of large trees that are interspersed around the buildings and the school oval.


Creating a safe and supportive environment for students is a key focus for our school. Explicit teaching of the School’s 5 key values – 

RESILIENCE – We bounce back when things get hard and we know how to ask for help

RESPECT – We show respect for ourselves, other people and property

ACCEPTANCE- We accept ourselves and we accept differences in each other

PERSEVERANCE – We do our best work and keep going when faced with challenges

ORGANISATION- We make sure that we are ready for learning each day -

encourages all children to practise socially acceptable behaviours at every opportunity. A school chaplain provides further pastoral care and support to children, parents and staff.


Dunsborough is committed to inclusivity and meeting the needs of all students especially those at educational risk. Under the school's SAER (Students at Educational Risk) Policy, teachers work in partnership with parents to develop and implement IEP's (Individual Education Plans) which address the needs of children identified of not reaching their potential.


Dunsborough Primary has team of teachers and support staff who are committed to professional excellence in education. They are all passionate educators with the skills and experience to provide a high quality teaching and learning program for students in their care. 


Parent involvement is actively encouraged in all school activities. Through the P&C and School Board parents are given opportunities for meaningful involvement in school decision making. Dunsborough Primary enjoys a very positive image in the eyes of students, staff and the community.



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Dunsborough Primary School

Dunsborough Primary School is an Independent Public School located in one of Western Australia’s premier holiday locations, 240 km south of Perth. Dunsborough Primary School has an experienced staff who are committed to achieving the school’s vision and providing a high standard of education for all students.

Primary Class Times

Kindy 8.40 am – 2:55 pm
Primary & Pre Primary
School Commences 8.55 am
Morning Session 8:55  – 11:05 am
RECESS 11.05 – 11:25 am (20 mins)
Mid Session 11:25 am – 12:55 pm
LUNCH 12.55 - 1.40 pm (45 mins)
PP Afternoon 1:40 pm – 3:00 pm
Primary Afternoon 1:40 pm – 3:10 pm